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Quick fill Hay more irritating haynets!! Waterproof Marine Canvas Hay bar feeder!

This Hay Sling is a new, affordable innovative product, that will save you time and effort looking after your pampered horse! It is so easy to use and is made from best quality waterproof heavy duty marine canvas with stainless steel fittings and is manufactured here in Kent UK.


There are many benefits in using a hay sling:

* Super quick and easy to fill, saving you time and effort…

* Waterproof, so fine for soaked hay…

* Reduced the risk of injury to your horse..

* Natural feeding position reducing inhalation of dust and seeds from your forage and eye irritations from hay falling into your horses eyes…

* Easy to clean out, just unclip and sweep…

*Very portable, just move the fittings (four wood screws) to where you need to place it…

* Can be jet washed and scrubbed…

The Hay Sling is listed as a standard horse sized feeder (corner mounted) and measures approx 120cm x 20 cm x 100cm high. It will hold up a small bale of hay or 1-2 large wheelbarrow of haylage. For safety reasons the hay slings are not unbreakable.

Wall fittings included.

Please note: These hay slings are hand-made to order in Kent, so dispatch time is up to 3-5 days.

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  1. Jessica Bell

    Fabulous thanks .

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